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A “good night’s sleep” is what we require to feel energized in the morning and prepared to take on the physical and mental challenges of the day. Although we spend 1/3 of our lives asleep, the study of normal and disordered sleep is in its infancy.

Sleep is an active process involving an organized sequence of events. There are five stages of sleep, each physiologically different and fulfilling specific needs. In order to awaken in the morning feeling well-rested, a person must cycle through the five stages of sleep in an orderly sequence with a minimal number of interruptions and for an adequate duration of time (typically 7-9 hours for adults).

Restful nighttime sleep is critical to the maintenance of physical and psychological well-being. Each year more than 50 million Americans report difficulty sleeping or are dissatisfied with the quality of their daytime alertness. Ten million annually seek the help of a physician, and approximately half of these patients are prescribed medications for sleep. Unfortunately, many others do not seek professional help at all.




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